What a pity! Event is over.

This event has already taken place.

Registration ends today

Hi all,
This is just a reminder that the registration ends today at noon.
Registration is now possible for 30 more minutes.
If you still have any issues completing your registrations ask the organisers for help;)

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Looking for a teammate? Comment below!

Some people have been asking about matchmaking for finding a cooking partner! If you'd like to take part and make a new friend, reply below so that others can see you!

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Straubinger Running Dinner - November 2023

Hello friends of good food, spoon wielding Straubinger and budding master chefs,
on Wednesday, 15th November, it's that time again: the Straubinger Running Dinner will take place.
If you feel like meeting new people and have fun cooking, then the "Straubinger Running Dinner" is just the right evening event for you.

So How does the Running Dinner work?

• We always cook in teams of two persons
• Together with your cooking partner you cook only one of the three courses: starter,
main course or dessert
• You stay the whole evening with your cooking partner and you go together on a culinary journey through Straubing
• Each course will be served at a different place, each with 4 new participants - you will be joined by 2 other couples (that means 4 people), whom you will meet only that evening (so you cook for 6 people)
• The costs are covered by each team itself - cook once, get cooked twice
• At best the food should be prepared beforehand, i.e. the food will be served promptly. i.e. the food will be served as soon as the guests arrive to avoid long waiting times

Appetizer: 05:30 pm
Main Course: 07:00 pm
Dessert: 08:30 pm

If you have any questions, please contact us

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