What a pity! Event is over.

This event has already taken place.

Preferred course

Please remember that your preferred course is not for sure before you get your final routes tomorrow.
Looking forward to Thursday! :)

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One more time before christmas!

Don't miss your last chance for this semester to participate in Trondheim's walking dinner!
In order to give more people the chance to participate, the event area now also includes Berg, Steinan and Voll in addition to Moholt studentby! Because we don't want you to get more stressed, we also extended the time for the courses to 2 hours.
As there will mostly be participants in Moholt I would like to ask you to write down your contact details in the field for host info in the personal section (your phone number/ fb/ e-Mail), so that your hosts can contact you when they are in need for chairs or want to serve a drink to their meal, etc.
Alcohol prices unfortunately haven't changed, so you should still bring your own drinks (BYO), unless your hosts contacts you, that you can get a fitting drink at the course for a donation.
If you have further questions or are looking for a cooking partner, you can check out the information in the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/137595026872909/
more info about the schedule and some FAQ in English can be found here: https://rwth-aachen.sciebo.de/index.php/s/C5C11YigQJ8ckW6
or the FAQ in German: https://www.rudirockt.de/de/faqcats
or send an email to the organizer: n-hb@gmx.de
Don't forget sign up in time as you don't want to miss an amazing event with delicous food!

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