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Anmeldung vollständig?

Hi Leute,

es freut uns sehr, dass sich schon so viele registriert haben! Wahnsinn! :)

Achtet darauf, dass euch eure Anmeldung als "erfolgreich" bzw. "grün" angezeigt wird. Nur wenn euer Teampartner und eure Wohnung eingetragen ist, seid ihr richtig angemeldet! :)



andre-fontes Can you explain how to register?
Since the google translation is Teampartner and Kitchen address for the missing info I need to complete. Is the registration completed when all info are green?..

kocherbse Exactly André. If everything is green you are good to go. In the right corner of this homepage you'll find a button to switch the language in english. Further, I'll translate my post and will continue to post all information in
english. Sorry for that:

Hey guys,

We are very happy to see that so many of you already registered for the Dinner.

Be careful and pay attention that you registratin is shown as "complete" e.g "green". Only if you're team partner has accepted your invitation and you filled in the adress of your kitchen you've registered completely an can participate in the Running Dinner.

Best regards,


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« Jetzt gehts los!

Neues Event am 26. Oktober! »

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