What a pity! Event is over.

This event has already taken place.

WhatsApp Gruppe für >>Zürich kocht!<<

If you have any questions during the event or want to share some nice moments you can use the WhatsApp group for this event! Here is the link to join: https://chat.whatsapp.com/G0ZI4J4VVKT98K5nqdoXJe

See you all tomorrow!

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Afterparty Ankündigung

Tatarataa - die Afterparty findet im Stall 6 statt
Nach dem 3 Gängemenü gehts ab zu der Drum 'n' Bass Party um alle Kalorien direkt wieder weg zu tanzen. Bis 23:30 ist für alle RuDi rockt Teilnehmer der Eintritt gratis und danach auf 5.- reduziert.
Ein grossens Dankeschön dafür an Divercity Bass!

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Win 2x20 CHF Migros Cash Cards by promoting this event!

Migros Kulturprozent is supporting our fabulous Running Dinner with 2x20 CHF CASH CARDS!
Do you want one for your >Zürich kocht!< grocery shopping?
Just help us spread the word and invite all your friends in Zürich to our Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/1860642234223515/).
The best promoters will win! (Winners will be announced on Sun 14.5.2017)

And btw - don't forget to sign up! ;)

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Kein Kochpartner oder keine Küche in Zürich?

Du willst mitmampfen findest aber keinen Kochpartner? Oder du hast keine Küche in Zürich?

Melde dich bei uns! Du bist nicht alleine ;) Wir sammeln und vermitteln für euch!
Klickt euch außerdem auf Facebook rein, um Gleichgesinnte zu finden!

You want to participate but don't have a cooking buddy? Or no kitchen in Zurich?
Let us know! You are not the only one - we will find you a partner for the Sommersause!
Also sign up for our event on Facebook to find someone yourself!

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How does it work?

1. Find a cooking buddy and sign up online together. Vegan? No avocados? Just make a comment during registration.
2. You will have 3 courses at 3 different places with new people each time. This way you get to know 12 new people. You will host 4 people at one of those courses at your place.
3. We will send you your personalized route the day before the event.
4. Make plans what to cook - from frozen pizza to fancy gourmet food - everything is possible. Join and rock!
5. You'll also get the chance to meet all the participants again at the after party!

The tastiest way to meet new people!

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