What a pity! Event is over.

This event has already taken place.

Where is my Dessert?

As you've seen, the routes have now been published.
Apparently, the algorithm had some troubles to cope with the low number of participants and simply canceled dessert for everyone (not just you).

To fix this shortcoming and to deliver the promised 3 courses, Francesca and Felix agreed to help me with organizing a dessert at my place!

Thus, I'm happy to announce that dessert will be served at 21:30 here:
K. Probst & L. Arquint
Baumackerstrasse 46
8050 Oerlikon (super close to the trainstation)

PS: If you haven't done so, please join our Whatsapp group for the event!

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random.org has decided and the winners are: 🥁
Afra & Jacob
Congratulations on a 25 CHF voucher for Coop for each of you 🎉

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Win a Grocery Voucher

Complete your registration by Wednesday evening (Nov 24th) to have a chance to win a grocery voucher that you can use for your ingredients on Saturday (or another bottle of wine 😉).
Make sure you see the green banner "Registered" on the registration page.

Also, do not forget to join our Whatsapp group to stay in contact during the event!

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VMI Running Dinner Nov 27 (powered by rudirockt)

The tastiest way to meet new people!

How does it work?
👉 Easy: Sign up with your cooking buddy and select your preferred course (check your spam folder for the confirmation email). You can also specify your eating preferences (vegetarian, vegan, ...). On Nov 26, the algorithm assigns you the course you'll cook at your place and calculates the route to the other two courses you'll eat at the homes of your D-INFK colleagues. Every course is enjoyed by the hosting team and two visiting teams.
Thus, you and your buddy will enjoy three delicious courses and meet 12 new people!

How much does it cost?
👉 Nothing! Participating is free of charge. The ingredients for your course are however paid by you. If you sign up early, your team has the chance of winning a grocery voucher.

Why should I participate?
👉 Delicious dinner by passionate cooks, discover where and how your colleagues live, meet 4 new people per course, and discover Zurich in a different way!

Do I need to run?
👉 No, it's just the name of this kind of event. You can obviously use a bike or public transportation to get to the locations.

What are the Corona measures?
👉 You have to be vaccinated or have recovered with a valid certificate (being tested is not sufficient). This allows us to sit at the same table without masks and enjoy the evening.

👉 We'll using the following Whatsapp group to stay in contact during the event and to share pictures:

PS: You can ignore the red banner at the top, our event is happening!

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